31. The Old Woman - The Others

The film itself is a confusing mix of twists and turns, but the big scare pay off is seeing Nicole Kidman's little girl transform into a white-eyed old woman in a little girl's confirmation gown.

32. T-800 - The Terminator

Not as terrifying as the T-1000, but something has to be said for his first appearance in the original Terminator, especially since he established the "we're never going to give up until you're dead" attitude.


33. Majai - The Island of Dr. Moreau

Stranger than Marlon Brando's acting or any of his cat-people children, perhaps Majai was the scariest thing to come out of The Island of Dr. Moreau, simply in the delivery. He didn't speak, he just dressed like a tiny Moreau and followed him about.

34. Malachi - Children of the Corn

Isaac's right-hand man, and child law enforcer Malachai was one horrible little kid. The worst apple in the bunch after his demon-possessed leader.


35. Tent Girl - The 6th Sense

Nothing like a surprise vomiting ghost to rip you out of your seat. While anxiously awaiting the next horrible ghost appearance we had no idea that it would be Mischa Barton, throwing up inside our secret fort.


36. Pluto - The Hills Have Eyes

Michael Berryman is a bad bad bad bad man. No make-up really needed for his role as a hill-living rapist, who will steal your gas in the middle of the desert and kill of your family one by one. Watching Pluto and his pals pass around Brenda was horrifying.


37 The Wheelers - Return To Oz

Neck and neck with the evil head swapping Queen, her wheel-footed henchmen and their cackles patrol the now turned to stone land of Oz, looking to take prisoners for the evil lady. They also threaten to throw people in the deadly desert, where if a mortal touches it, they will turn into sand.


38. Gypsy Lady - Drag Me To Hell

Never will I ever reject a gypsy woman when she asks for financial aid, unless I want to get cursed, vomited on, beaten and bludgeoned by a demon. Forget the things that crawl out of hell to torture the main character, we're way more scared by the women who started the curse in the first place. Especially when she throws up all over the place.


39. Dr. Vannacutt - House on Haunted Hill (1999)

While the original is still very frightening, there's always been something extra evil about the revamped Dr. Vannacutt. While alive the man spent his time torturing and experimenting on mental patients, but he's an even bigger threat as a shuffling knife-wielding ghost.

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