11. The Poltergeist - The Poltergeist

This haunting isn't messing around. Taking care of a suburban family is a full-time job, what with the Poltergeist possessing the clown dolls to bite you, melting peoples faces, rearranging furniture and sucking children into a closet vortex. This is film was the haunting to end all hauntings.

12. Jack Torrance - The Shining

This character is the perfect combination, for the ultimate scare. Stephen King's words, Stanley Kubrick's directing and Jack Nicholson's acting... we never even had a chance. The story about a little family hauled up in a classy hotel alone during the off season, while the father writes his next novel might seem incredibly dull — until Jack goes insane and tries to kill off his family. But not before witnessing some truly deranged haunted hotel happenings.


13. The Pale Man - Pan's Labyrinth

This child-swallowing monster can barely support its own weight on it's tiny little stick legs, but that didn't keep us from screaming "RUN RUN RUN" while the little girl tried to run away from his grasp. We never see him do anything frightening to humans, but the pile of children's shoes next to him let our imaginations do all the terrible work.


14. Seth Brundle - The Fly

You can tell Jeff Goldblum's failed experiment comes from the master of demented body horror, David Cronenberg. After getting his DNA crossed with a fly's, Brundle begins to transform, and becomes a half man half fly monster.


15 . The Crawlers - The Descent

They may be pasty and blind, but they'll still rip out the throats of a whole team of unsuspecting women spelunkers in the dark. These creatures live deep underground. With hearing like a bat, razor-sharp claws and a never-ending thirst for blood. I sold my cave gear the second after I finished this film.


16. Regan - The Exorcist

There's been a lot of debate about what was the scariest moment of little Regan's demonic possession — was it the full 360 head spin, the green vomit, possessing the other priest, her voice? For me, it's when she climbs down the stairs like a spider. Good god, people aren't supposed to bend that way.


17. Carrie - Carrie

May this be a lesson to you all don't mess the quiet girl, she will burn down your prom and kill you all. And you will deserve it.


18. Carl Stargher - The Cell

There haven't made a word to describe the sheer terror that is seeing Vincent D'Onofrio as an evil bull-god-King. It's awe-inspiring and terrifying. D'Onofrio manages to pull off all the sides of Stargher's crazed personality, which is a must as Jennifer Lopez has to insert herself into his character's psyche to uncover the comatose murderers darkest secrets.


19. Joker - The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight was so horrific I will never be able to hear "want to see a magic trick" ever again. His smile and face were made wholly his own, as he ransacked Gotham spinning terrifying lies about how he got his facial scars — and we'll never know the truth.


20. The Tall Man - Phantasm

Good luck going to bed after viewing this creep fest. Once a nice old fella Jebediah Morningside discovered the delights of interdimensional travel and came back evil, right over the top of your bed. Do not taunt the Tall Man, or you'll never sleep again.


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