It's all about curses in today's Smackdown, as we ponder the eternal question, which is worse? If the curse makes you grow hair in strange places, large teeth and somewhat lupine, is it worse to be the cursed or curser?

After yesterday's surprise (to me) victory proved that it is, apparently, the Season of The Witch after all, it's time to turn our attention to a horror icon who knows all about running afoul of magic: The Wolfman. We've seen different origins for werewolves throughout the years, whether they're a different, parallel race to humanity who've been at war with vampires for years or results of weird scientific experiments or something even stranger, but it's the "Cursed By A Witch/Gypsy That They'd Managed To Piss Off" one that sticks with us. Is it really that wise to turn someone into a killing machine when they they could easily just get back at you and tear you apart with their claws, teeth and winning personality? You tell us.

Witches may have an edge here: If they can turn someone into a werewolf in the first place, you'd think they could come up with some kind of "And you can't kill me in return" hidden clause, after all. But it'd be stupid to underestimate a werewolf, even if you've seen Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans...

As always, voting is open until midnight tonight PST, and the winner will go through to tomorrow's next round before Saturday's Hallowe'en Finale. Vote early, often, etc.