Rumors are circulating that Peter Berg is slowly backing away from the Dune movie project, leaving Paramount in desperate need of a new director. So they've turned to two great possible alternates: Neill Blomkamp and Neil Marshall.

According to entertainment site Pajiba, not only is original director Peter Berg exiting the large Dune remake, but he was also secretly meeting up with Robert Patinson to discuss lead roles in the film.


Now that Pattinson is no longer interested in the project, Berg is looking to leave and Paramount is desperate for a new director and hoping to entice Neil Marshall, director of The Descent, or Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, into taking over. Marshall is their number-one pick.

While we're taking this report with a giant heaping of salt, we have to say it makes sense and is getting us a little excited.

I think we're all in agreement that Neill Blomkamp would be gangbusters for this film, that's obvious. His passionate love of science fiction alone would at least mean he'd give his all at recreating a successful scifi film. But since Neil Marshall is the studio favorite, probably because he's cheaper, and Blomkamp has a lot of his own work he wants accomplished, let's talk Marshall.


First off Marshall can do more with less: he proved that with the tiny budget film The Descent. Since Paramount wants to make this film for an alleged $175 million, he probably has a few ideas. Also, Marshall is a fan of the genre. He loves aliens, plagues, Mad Max, monsters and conspiracies, and he will take care of the subject material or at least attempt to respect it. Even though Peter Berg's films are pretty to look at and very flashy, they're usually empty or devoid of feelings (witness Hancock). And finally, no matter how crazy and ridiculous Marshall's cult gem Doomsday got, it still wasn't Hitch or Hancock, sorry I hate both those movies equally.

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