Never mind the percentages (50/50? Seriously?), poltergeists narrowly (13 votes!) beat zombies in yesterday's battle of the undead, which means that, Tangina Barrons and Ray Venkman aside, there's only one place to go next: Witchcraft.

Firstly, yes, I know that witches aren't monsters, but if you're working your way through Halloween icons, there's no avoiding the fact that the old Elphaba has created quite a following for herself. And, let's face it; if there's anyone you could see having a fair chance against a supernatural spirit nemesis, someone who literally has a few (magic) tricks up her sleeve is as good as anyone. So! Witches Versus Poltergeists! Go!

Our take: It depends on how experienced the witch would be, but we're of the opinion that witches can easily communicate with those in the spirit realm - Even mean, chair-throwing ghosts like poltergeists. If she couldn't ease them into submission with some well-chosen words, we wouldn't be surprised if a couple of hexes couldn't take care of things faster than you can say "Bippity-Boppity-Boo." But what do you think?

As usual, voting is open until midnight tonight, and the winner of this match will find themselves advancing to tomorrow, and so on until the final showdown on Hallowe'en itself. Vote early, vote often, fight fans.