A new crop of clips from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus show us snatches of Heath Ledger's final performance and those of the actors who replaced him. But more than that, they take us inside Terry Gilliam's beautifully surreal mindscape.

In Gilliam's film, the ancient and immortal Dr. Parnassus travels with a troupe of entertainers, including his teenage daughter Valentina. One of their attractions is the Imaginarium, a mystical mirror that transports people to a realm of imagination. But all is not well for the troupe; Parnassus long ago pledge any child he had to the Devil, and the time on their deal will soon be up. As the clock ticks down, Tony, a mysterious stranger, wanders into their midst.

Here, we meet Heath Ledger's Tony for the first time:

Parnassus helps the amnesiac Tony jog his memory:

A young carnival-goer takes a candy-coated jaunt through the Imagniarium:

Tony, now played by Colin Farrell, enjoys a romantic boat ride with Valentina:

And now Jude Law gets his turn as Tony, climbing a literal ladder to success:

And finally Johnny Depp plays Tony, although here he calls himself Barry:

And in non-Tony-related business, we get Dr. Parnassus' first meeting with the Devil:

And another meeting, during which Dr. Parnassus, who has agreed to give up any child he has in exchange for immortality, makes a new deal with the Devil:

[via Cinema Blend]