True Blood has a whole new cast of monsters, weirdos, and werethings. Rumor has it that Spider-Man 4 has its villain and Lobo its Mane Man. Catch more of V's pilot, plus Heroes, Lost, Book of Eli, FlashForward, and Chuck.

Spider-Man 4

MarketSaw claims they've gotten word that the Lizard will appear as the film's sole villain. Fact or wishful thinking? At this point, it falls into the category of unconfirmed rumor. Remember: Internet rumor = break out the salt shaker. [MarketSaw]



Rumor has it that Clancy Brown is being strongly considered as the alien bounty hunter for Guy Ritchie's adaptation. Brown played the Kurgan in Highlander, and more recently creeped out Carnivale fans as Brother Justin Crowe. He's also well situated in the DC Universe, as he frequently voices Lex Luthor in DC's animated movies and shows. [Mania]

The Book of Eli

Three new stills take us to Denzel Washington's brightly lit post-apocalyptic future. [IGN]


New Moon

A new set photo shows Kristen Stewart in Italy, about to chase down Edward. [MTV Movies Blog]

True Blood

Tons of spoilers have popped up for the new season. Who was responsible for Bill's sudden disappearance in the season finale? As the new season opens, we'll find Bill in the company of a sarcastic and extremely handsome vampire named Talbot, who will serve as a guide for Bill — and who happens to be lover to the vampire king of Mississippi. Also in Talbot's company is Olivia, an elderly woman with an oxygen tank who mistakes Bill for her son. Eggs may be gone gone, but Tara has a new man looking her way: a handsome bloodsucker named Franklin Mott. Like Bill, Franklin will be the overprotective sort and will quickly rescue Tara from a group of racist rednecks. And Eric has a new love interest as well, an unlikable Czech Fangtasia stripper named Yvette. Even Tara's mom might be looking for loving when she turns to Reverend Daniels for comfort and hugs him a little bit too long.


Last season, Sam went off to track down his biological family, and he manages to find it. In the first episode, he'll encounter Betty and Marvin, a couple living in Arkansas. After subduing their pitbull, Sam learns that his family, the Mickens clan, has a less than favorable reputation. Sam's brother, Tommy Mickens, works at the Tire Depot and is especially notorious for skipping out on his rent and owing money everywhere. When Tommy first meets Sam, he'll claim to be someone else, not realizing Sam is his brother. Apparently, we'll be seeing a good deal of Tommy's bare butt cheeks, which suggests he's a shapeshifter like Sam.

Jason's libido takes a hit during a rather disturbing sexual encounter. A pair of NYU veterinary students, Jen and Missy, will try to lure Jason into a menage a trois, but he's less than eager when he seems to see bullet holes in their heads. And we'll see more V addicts when a "gang of crazy white-trash bikers" rolls in, eloquently named "Coot's Fuck You Crew." The group, led by the thuggish Coot, takes turns stabbing and feeding on Bill to get high.

The season will also feature Jesus Valsquez, an extraordinary orderly with a kind heart (and, this being True Blood, he's not too hard on the eyes) [E!, EW, Spoiler TV]



Carlton Cuse tweeted yesterday evening that William Atherton has signed as a guest star. [Twitter via MoRyan on Twitter]


More clips from the pilot show more about the Vs and how life on Earth changes after the landing. [MovieWeb]




Entertainment Weekly has a promotional music video set to Muse's "Uprising" at the link. [EW]


HRG has an interesting business lunch in "Once Upon a Time in Texas:"


[Spoiler TV]

And a promo still of the episode shows a sweet moment for our Hiro. [CBR]

In the ninth episode, "Brother's Keeper," we will see the continuation of Matt and Sylar's battle. Also, Samuel will begin to understand the extent of his powers as Tracy loses control of hers. [Spoiler TV]


And there's a casting call for the fourteenth episode, "Let It Bleed:"

[MR. NOZAWA] 50-60 Male. Japanese. Must speak fluent Japanese. Wise, dedicated restaurateur in DC. Sushi chef and owner is persuaded to close his doors for a loyal customer ... CO-STAR

[Spoiler TV]


A normal night of trick-or-treating turns truly spooky in a clip from "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps:"


[Spoiler TV]

Paula Newsome is joining the cast in early 2010 as a doctor. [EW]


For the new season's tenth episode "Chuck versus the Tic Tac," the producers are looking for a Connie Britton-type (Britton played Sharon Gaines on Friday Night Lights) to guest star as Kathleen McHugh, a strong, sexy, independent woman. In that episode, we'll also encounter Colonel James Keller, who will appear in the present and in flashbacks, Stanley Fitzroy, and Alex Coburn. Keller is a career military man, but is casual and relatable. Fitzroy is a "shockingly short" geek, and Coburn is a tall, athletic Marine. [Spoiler TV]



Tom Welling is smoking (no, literally) in the latest poster from CW. [Operation Save Clark Kent]

And we flashback to Krypton with Jor-El and Zod in these images from "Kandor." [Operation Save Clark Kent]


Executive producer Kelly Sounders revealed a bit about what fans can expect from the current season. Chloe's having a hard time trusting people during this season, but she may be developing a fiery passsion for one of the show's more charming characters. She'll also be getting more screentime this season and will be an integral part of the heroes' lives beyond being a simple sidekick. There's some idea that Clark is still getting some training from Jor-El at the fortress, but there hasn't been time to show it on screen. But Clark will be getting a "magnificent" power before long (flying?). As for Lois and Clark's coupledom, she says Lois will be a bit more hesitant about the relationship going in. Deferring to the Superman mythos, Lois won't learn Clark's secret, but the episode "Idol" will play with that idea. And Clark will be greatly affected in the episode "Pandora," when he witnesses her visions of the future and gets to see life through her eyes. Clark will meet Zod during the first nine episodes, and they won't trust each other, but the nature of their relationship will keep shifting as more information comes to life. Clark won't come face-to-face with Jor-El, but she says we should tune into the Kryptonian backstory episode "Kandor." [TV Guide]

Also, sometime in the season's first nine episodes, we'll see Clark flirt with the idea of wearing glasses. [TV Guide]