Get ready to witness 2012 with stomach turning bumps and slams in special D-box theaters. That means when the Earth shakes, you'll shake. When you get hit, the seat is hit — until you beg for mercy. Take that, 3D.

According to the wire 2012 is getting ready to D-box your brains out, because this end of the world joy ride is going to include some action seats.

Audience members viewing 2012 in theaters equipped with the D-BOX motion technology will not
only see the movie, but experience it in a unique way as their surroundings respond and react to the events on screen....D-BOX's motion designers spend hundreds of hours creating realistic motion effects (referred to as "MFX") frame by frame in perfect sync with the onscreen action for each individual movie, providing an experience unlike any other on the market. Each D-BOX MFX seat comes equipped with individual intensity settings that can be adjusted to heighten or decrease the motion experience. While moviegoers feel motion effects during many of the action sequences, the seats will remain still during the more dialogue-driven scenes.

Which means, more action for your action, stuffed with action. If this is the wave of the future, count me out. The last thing I need to do is feel the car slamming into my passenger door while John Cusack screams "we're all gonna die!" Unless there's a nice "Cusack caressing the side of my face" scene — if the D-box can make that happen believably, then they can have all my money. Otherwise, you'd better make sure your popcorn bucket can double as a barf bag.