Lance Henriksen is a space Satanist who's found the girl who's the host for Space Satan — but then they get attacked by holy birds, including a metal space bird that stabs Henriksen in the neck. What does it mean?

This thrilling, feathery, Hitchcock-plagiariazing moment comes from 1979's The Visitor aka Stridulum, an Italian horror film that managed to star Henriksen, Sam Peckinpah (!), John Huston, Mel Ferrer and various other greats. The movie's original cut was so confusing, nobody could tell what the hell was supposed to be going on. So they put out a ten minute longer cut, in which Surfer Jesus explains the whole movie's backstory to a bunch of bald kids. Of all the "random guy explaining movie's backstory" scenes I've seen, this may actually be my favorite: