What awful horrors lurk in the minds of the denizens of the ConceptArt forums' users? You may regret wanting to find out. For Halloween, the forums had a creature-art contest, and the results are horrifying indeed. Do you dare look?

The above image comes from Rodimus, and it's the Horned Devil Skink. There are tons more horrifying, and fascinating, images at the link — but beware. A few of the images at ConceptArt are most definitely NSFW! [ConceptArt Forums]

The Okinithrax by Lege1

The Collossal Testilord by Duman. (Yes, really.)

Dentata Daemon by Jigatron

Titanidae by Sketchius

Terra Arachno-Worm by JoshD

The Ramstinghound by Carnifex

Phagist by Lkjhgfdsa

NIA by Siiilon