The bodies of the dearly departed versus the spirits! Mind versus muscle! Misguided science versus mystical spirituality! In today's second round of io9's interspectacular monster clash, zombies take on poltergeists and you - yes, you get to decide the outcome!

Apparently, you people have no respect for the classics. How else to explain the poor performance of the Mummy in yesterday's first round of io9's Hallowe'en Smackdown - but with Zombies being the clear winner of that clash of the undead, we thought we'd put them up against the peculiar ghostly phenomenon known as poltergeists. You know, like this:

What happens with an unthinkable physical force meets an invisible, untouchable ghost? You tell us.

For the uninitiated, poltergeists are described by Wikipedia as "an ostensibly paranormal phenomenon attributed to an an invisible spirit or ghost that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects, generally in a particular location such as a house or room or place within a house," and aren't necessarily out to destroy humanity and eat their brains like our zombie brethren, but which one would be more annoying, terrifying or outright deadly to your average horror movie victim? After all, everyone can knock the head off a zombie, but not everyone is an exorcist...

Poll stays open until the witching hour tonight. Vote early and often, and feel free to share your reasoning in the comments below - The winner goes on to face the next opponent tomorrow, all the way up until Saturday's final showdown.