If your anatomical collection is shy a demon child or cursed monkey's paw, then you're in luck. Artist Alex CF crafts macabre sculptures styled after dead scientific specimens. Only the deceased creatures in his cases are demons and monsters

Alex CF includes a story to accompany each piece, which is available for sale. And if monster killing is more your thing than monster collecting, he also offers some classic vampire hunting kits, and a collection of useful research on European lycanthropes.

[The Art of Alex CF via Super Punch]

Menes - The Vampyr Pharaoh of Egypt

Golem; life from inanimate clay


R'lyeh expedition case and Cthulhu spawn specimen

The triceratops catalyst


"L'enfant Diabolique" - The devil child

Experiments in extra dimensions; The Cheshire cat


Edward Harrell's Infant Lycanthrope specimen

The Monkey's paw


Dantes descent into the pit

The collected Eldritch horrors of Merrylin