Warner Bros. may not have been planning on making another Superman movie anytime soon, but now that Star Trek's JJ Abrams is announcing his interest in the project again, could that change...?

MTV's Splash Page blog quotes Abrams, who wrote a screenplay for an unmade Superman movie years ago, as saying that he wouldn't necessarily say no if asked to return:

It was a very passionate character for me. As a kid growing up it meant a lot to me. It would be wonderful and fun to see that brought back. I don't know what Warners is thinking or what their plan is. It would be a blast.

This seems like a no-brainer for Warners, who are already facing the possibility of having to pay damages to the families of Superman's creators if they don't have another Superman movie in production by 2011. But does even that mean it's likely to happen?

J.J. Abrams Says Returning To Superman 'Would Be A Blast' [MTV Splash Page]