While the Tenth Doctor is getting his own animated special, one fan reimagines the adventures of Doctor Who's Third Doctor as an anime, where he battles Daleks and Cybermen in a futuristic Tokyo, with a scantily-clad girl by his side.

Paul Johnson, who calls himself "Otaking," is working on his own Doctor Who anime, a video in which the Third Doctor encounters thugs, the military, and a stereotypical anime babe, and gets caught in a war between the Daleks and the Cybermen.

He's released a couple of brief clips, including this one starring the Daleks:

Here's the most recent segment, which features the Cybermen and shows us a glimpse of the Doctor himself:


He's also posted a video that shows his process from penciling to final product for a scene where the Doctor takes down a few street thugs:


[via Japanator via Topless Robot]