Nathan Fillion is back in the world's tightest pants this week. Plus, Halloween brings a spate of classic horror movies. The original V is back! And there's new Heroes, Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville and more. Clips and minor spoilers below!


Heroes -
Matt takes a risk trying to rid himself of Sylar as Noah, newly launched on his "helping" kick, asks Tracy to help a boy who's similar to her younger self, on NBC at 8 PM. Gretchen and Claire are, of course, headed for some good old-fashioned hazing, but they definitely have larger problems facing them.

Castle -
Novelist Castle (Nathan Fillion) learns that a dead man wearing vampire teeth is discovered in a graveyard ... with a stake through his heart. The ensuing investigation leads him and his partner to uncover a group of vamp fetishists, and a victim who was writing a graphic novel. Also, Fillion changes back into his familiar browncoat while discovering the faux-vampire's body.

Bloodlines: The Dracula Family Tree -
It's not a new special, but in the interest of Halloween on Saturday, on the History Channel at 10 PM is a look at the historical roots of the Dracula legend, not surprisingly tracing it back to the Romanian Vlad Tepes (aka Vlad The Impaler) from the 15th century.


Ghost Lab -
The brothers visit Chicago on Discovery Channel at 10 PM to probe a tattoo parlor, and ghostly prostitutes who haunt a bed-and-breakfast that used to be a bordello.


<em.2009 Scream Awards -
The fourth annual show awards the best in horror, scifi and fantasy genres, and this year, on Spike at 10 PM, George Romero receives the Scream mastermind Award, to be presented to him by Quentin Tarantino. Footage from New Moon will be aired, though it's not clear whether it will be new or a mash of the same stuff we've seen.


The classic Peanuts movie It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on ABC at 8 PM.


MythBusters -
The team tests out kitchen myths on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM, including cheese's suitability as cannon fodder.

Ghost Hunters -
Colorado's Briarhurst Manor is home to a ghostly child and female spectre, on Syfy at 9 PM.


Destination Truth -
Are there werewolves in Romania? On Syfy at 10 PM, the team investigates Romanian sightings and heads to Chile to file reports on a dinosaur-esque creature.

Eastwick -
On ABC at 10 PM, as the magic-ridden town prepares for its own version of Christmas, the women are floundering: Roxie has visions of a funeral, while Kate tries to help Joanna win Will back. (Do you think the women will defy expectations and dress for Halloween as a psychic, a man-eater and Mother Earth? That'd be unexpected.)

The Real Wolfman -
Stories of a wolfman terrorizing the French countryside get aired, on the History Channel at 9 PM. Criminologist George Deuchar and cryptozoologist Ken Gerhardt use modern tech to figure out the truth about the "real" wolfman.


Hayden Panettiere, Tim Curry, Jay Leno and Lauren Bacall give voice to Scooby and the gang in Scooby-Doo an the Goblin King, as they try to stop a carnival magician from turning the gang into Halloween monsters, on Cartoon Network at 6 PM.


FlashForward -
The team works to figure if the attacks on Mark, Demetri and Janis were a coordinated effort by the same group, on ABC at 8 PM. Of course, at home, Olivia is all abuzz over her discovery about Mark's own future glimpse. Lloyd's autistic son Dylan goes missing, and Simon makes contact again. Plus not only does Dominic Monaghan join the show, so does True Blood's Bon Temps pot-stirrer Daphne.

Vampire Diaries -
Vicki the Vamp can't resist her own blood lust and ends up making the school's haunted house extra scary. And on CW at 8 PM, psychic Bonnie surprises Damon with her ability when he tries to repossess a necklace that she has.

Supernatural -
A witch plays high-stakes poker with Bobby, letting him wager 25 years of his life up against freedom from his wheelchair. When he loses and Dean tries to save him, he begins to age into an old man too — on the CW at 9 PM.

UFO Hunters -
On the History Channel, beginning at 8 PM, is an hour of interviews about UFO sightings and those close to them. First, an investigation of mysterious men threatening eyewitnesses, followed by an examination of Area 52, a theorized UFO research base in Utah.


Thir13en Ghosts is on AMC at 10:45 PM. A collector dies, leaving his fortune, which happens to include some ghosts on his property, to his nephew.


Ghost Adventures Live! -
On the Travel Channel at 8 PM, a crew is locked inside the Trans-Alleghey Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, reportedly one of the nation's most haunted sites.

Smallville -
Mia (a.k.a. Speedy), a young girl Oliver offers to train, double-crosses him, on the CW at 8 PM. And Lois asks for Clark's help pursuing an on-air TV news host gig, but matters get complicated when the station offers the gig to both of them as a pair.

Stargate Universe -
The water supply dwindles (Seriously? Yes.) on Syfy at 9 PM. As such, Col. Young and Lt. Scott visit a frozen planet for drinkable water, while the crew tries to track an intruder.

Sanctuary -
A superhero gets trapped by Magnus on Syfy at 10 PM, but his lack of finesse throws the team off. Meanwhile, the discovery of remnants of an eggshell puts Will and Declan on the trail of a creature loose in the city.


Meet the immortal Lestat on Syfy at 6:30 PM, in Interview with the Vampire.


Ghost Hunters Halloween Live -
On Syfy at 7 PM is a six-hour special that allows you to give feedback during the program. This year, the annual Halloween investigation is at the Essex County Hospital and hosted by Josh Gates of Destination Truth.


AMC is running all-day marathon of spooky delights including Young Frankenstein, Amityville Horror, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 13 Ghosts, and Return to House on Haunted Hill to name a few.


The Syfy Channel will be running a marathon as well with Final Destination 1 & 2, Interview With A Vampire, and lots of helpings of Ginger Snaps.

Spike is playing Friday The 13th Part III at 12 PM.

FX is running I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Ghost Ship, The Invisible, and Constantine on repeat for the morning then, of course Halloween and Halloween H20 starting at 4 PM.

The 1941 Spencer Tracy version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is on TCM at 8 PM.



V -
Beginning at 1 PM on Syfy, revisit the original 1983 miniseries about aliens invading Earth and the humans trying to stop the takeover. Both parts are showing, and are immediately followed by 1984's sequel miniseries, V:The Final Battle, picking up with L.A. alien fighters.