Spend all week hiding under your desk from the the shadow people? Don't worry we've got the best of the week right here. Now come on out and see exclusive Astro Boy stills, the Prisoner trailer, and some freaky dreams.

40+ Lurid, Bizarre Science Fiction Dream Sequences
Science fiction takes place in a world beyond our own reality, but sometimes you need to go just a bit further - into the realm of the crazy, surreal dream sequence.

Did SGU's Women Get Lost In The Wrong Universe?
The men of Stargate Universe have been busy punching, exploring and saving lives using complicated math. Meanwhile the womenfolk have cried, drunk, got naked, and been used up sexually. Is SGU getting a little sexist? Fans certainly think so.

Lessons Joss Whedon Can Bring Back To Dollhouse From Glee
Whedonites rejoiced when it was announced Joss Whedon will direct an episode of television's best show, Glee. But you know what would be even cooler? If Whedon could pick up some tricks from Glee and bring them back to Dollhouse.


Scientists Discover the Largest Orbweaving Spider in the World
Yesterday researchers announced the discovery of the largest web-spinning spider in the world. Nephila komaci, which spins meter-wide webs, is 40 mm long. But males of the species (pictured clinging to the underside of the female) are only 9 mm.

Magneto Dead, Deadpool Reboot: X-Movie Update Motherlode!
Empire recently talked to X-Men movie franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner about plans for Wolverine 2, X-Men First Class, Deadpool and Magneto, and got some some interesting updates on what movies will happen when... if at all. Spoilers ahead.

B-String Monsters That Deserve a Turn in the Limelight
Vampires, zombies, and werewolves have dominated horror movies for some time now. Looking for a new monster to chill you to your core? Here are some less-used beasties that deserve a shot on the big screen.

Marvel: Rise Of The Mediocre Cartoons
Marvel's live-action movies may fill multiplexes and please fanboys across the world, but what about their animated movies? With a boxset just released of their six DVDs to date, I settled in for a movie marathon to investigate. Bad idea.



Ian McKellen Is A Sick Torture Genius In New Trailer For "The Prisoner"
Let the mind games begin. In this exclusive trailer from AMC's miniseries remake of The Prisoner, see the many ways Number Two (McKellen) plans on messing with Number Six (Jim Caviezel). Plus, is that a baby Number Two?


The Secrets Of Astro Boy's Floating Robot City
Here you can see a massive Peacekeeper robot shredding combat drones, in exclusive Astro Boy concept art. We loved this movie's floating mountain city full of robots, so we talked to writer/director David Bowers and two designers about its creation.

You Can See Why New York's Real-Life Spider-Man Makes People Throw Up
Rickshaw driver Shaun Emerson thought dressing up as Spider-Man and doing weird acrobatic stunts would make him an overnight sensation - instead, it's made at least one passenger vomit.

Stanford Study Explains Internet Trolls
In a study conducted at Stanford, psychologists discovered that people who hold extreme opinions are more likely to voice them loudly than those who hold moderate opinions. At last, science has explained most of what you read on the internet.