Every year we see the same old superheroes, Star Wars characters and sexy cats. Give those tired old costumes a new life, by revamping them or adding new elements. Check out our quick and easy Halloween costume update guide.

Instead of Superheroes: Disney Mash-Ups

As much as I love a well-dressed Clark Kent with the Superman T-shirt peeking out from underneath his white button down, we've all seen it before. And sadly, the Watchmen idea is a little played out by now as well. I'm sorry, but the 1,000 Rorschach comic con cosplayers pretty much solidified Rorschach's status as this year's Joker costume. So mix it up, literally. Be a Disney Marvel Mashup like Mickey Venom here. It's clever, timely and most likely the most original costume you'll see all night.

Instead of Sexy Princess/Sexy Beloved Childhood Icons: Undead/Evil Princesses And Villains


Another Halloween, another batch of slutty Disney Princesses and beloved childhood characters getting sexified by the masses. Look, just because they make the costume, doesn't mean you have to wear it. Sexy Snow White and Rainbow Brite are TIRED. We suggest that if you're going to sexify a cartoon princess, do it with edge, twisted princess style — like this overhauled evil Alice get up from horrorland. You could even flip it around and be the baddie, we're actually kind of excited about sexy Maleficent, at least we haven't seen her around the block as many times as Snow White.

Instead of The Joker: Cesar's Joker

We get it, you really, really, really liked Dark Knight's Joker. Well so did millions of other people, which is why the streets are perpetually flooded with Jokers every year, The Office even poked fun at the Joker masses. This year if you must don the old purple suit, at least go retro Cesar Romero style. Don't forget the pencil-thin mustache.

Instead of Bloody Doctor: A Real Science Experiment Gone Wrong, District 9 Style


Every year one of my friends in the medical profession always half asses it with an old pair of scrubs and some fake blood. This is not scary, nor is it interesting. Put a timely spin on this look with a "Prawn" hand! Slap on a "property of MNU" and this amazing arm extension and BAM you're Wikus from District 9. Just remember to say "fook" a lot. Alien hand available on ebay.

Instead of Sexy Cat: Sexy Avatar Cat

Throngs of unwashed, mewing "sexy cats" prowl paws first through our city street every year. But this year, we beg of you, update your kitty ears and tails into a James Cameron approved sexy cat, an Avatar Na'vi. Plus 1,000 points if you wrap it in with Arrested Development's "never nude" shorts.

Instead of Darth Vader: Sexy Vader

While we all love a good Chewy and Han here and there, I'm a little tired of seeing poorly constructed Vaders. Give the old costume a whirl this year and throw a pair of heels on the Dark Lord.

Instead of Leia: Zombie Leia

Same thing that applies to Vader also applies to the tons of Leia costumes, switch it up, take her from beauty to undead lovely with a zombie twist!