Disappointed with the first trailer for Avatar? An early review says the second trailer, which hits theaters tomorrow, has a far more epic feel, and could have you longing to see Pandora after all. Trailer-related spoilers below.

A reader at /Film caught an early look at the new trailer. Most of the footage was the same as what we saw in the first trailer, but a little new footage revealed more about the characters and the plot:

This one has a lot more plot in it, they introduce the female Na'vi character and the romance between her and the main character. We get to see a lot of cool images, like the evil human general character (I'm assuming he's evil) in a giant mech destroying things, but with a cup of coffee in his hands. We also get glimpses of the Michelle Rodriguez character (she says something along the lines of, "We're going up against machines and all we've got are sticks!" so I'm assuming she joins the good guys) and some of the other Na'vi. I don't remember too many of the other details. Overall though, this trailer had a much more epic feel to it. I was one of the many who was disappointed when the teaser was revealed, but this has brought my hype level up.

The three and half minute trailer starts showing tomorrow in theaters, but won't officially be online until October 29th. In the meantime, Spoiler TV has nabbed more promo images from the film and set, including the lovely, minimally-clothed Neytiri riding her Banshee: