What the hell is this? Everybody loves a tall and fuzzy guy - but whoa! And this isn't the only shockingly awesome costume you posted this week in our io9 Halloween Costume Show on Flickr. Check em out!

You can see all the amazing costumes posted so far in our Flickr pool, and add your own! Halloween is just a little over a week away, so it's time to try on your costumes and show them off to us. See our Halloween Costume Show on Flickr.

Top image: What the hell is this? It gives me a dark, fuzzy, confusing feeling. A Yeti pervert? Posted by Johnejpowers.

Former io9 intern Andrew Liptak made this distressed Clone Trooper costume.


It's DJ Phantom Limb vs. DJ Hank Venture! Oh hell yes. Picture by Ines Maskell.

Cutest mind meld I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot of them, let me tell you. Your cutenizer, please, Byronotron!


Tinkerbell! Need I say more? From auburnkt.


DiY Tony Stark nuke heart! Created and worn by Justin.Brown.