With the Argentinian cow abduction still fresh in everybody's minds, it's time to consider redecorating your home using cow abduction chic. This amazing lamp shows exactly how the cow abduction happens, and even has glowing aliens in its windows!

Conceived by concept designer Lasse Klein two years ago, the cow abduction lamp is finally a limited-edition reality. At $100 a pop, the lamp isn't cheap, but it's so awesome and well-made that I think it's worth it for anybody who needs the perfect cow abduction scene glowing in the window (or on the mantel, or next to your bed, or in the barn). Klein manufactured only a couple thousand of these babies, so get 'em while you can!

via Lasse Klein or Alien Abduction Lamp

Early concept design.

The first design for the lamp that Klein posted in 2007.

Glowing aliens!