John C. Reilly pulls off the undead sexiness in Vampire's Assistant, as new clips prove. On the other hand, there's Willem Dafoe's effeminate pencil-thin mustached vamp impersonation. Watch for yourself, below.

Vampire's Assistant, based on the novel series Cirque Du Freak, has an astounding cast of actual actors. Salma Hayek, Ken Watanabe, Ray Stevenson and Patrick Fugit are all members of this freak show. And to top it off John C. Reilly plays an old and surprisingly hot vampire, with magic healing spit.

Well, all vampires in this series have magic healing spit and can flit, or glide really fast. I'm literally floored by Dr. Steve Brule getting his dark and stormy on. Then on the flip side, you have Willem Dafoe, as the ridiculous ying to Reilly's yang. Just watch:

Here's a little featurette that was released as well, in case you're confused with what this film is all about. Vampire's Assistant will be out this Friday, the 23rd. Go see it for the Dafoe mustache alone.