If rumors - and an interview with a hopeful actor - are to be believed, Kenneth Branagh's movie version of Marvel's Thor has added two heavyweight actors to its cast: Robert DeNiro and Jude Law. But whom will they play?

The rumor hit the internet when Ain't It Cool reported that actor Matthias Schweighöfer had mentioned the two were newly attached to the movie in an interview with the German version of GQ magazine. Who would the two big-name actors be playing?

DeNiro's stature leads us to two possible suggestions: he'd be perfect as Odin - Thor and Loki's father and king of all the Norse Gods - but Brian Blessed is already reportedly down for that role. And we wouldn't be surprised if Branagh was tempted to take him in the other direction and make him into Skurge The Executioner, Norse God enforcer and all-round bad-ass. As for Law, there's really only one role we'd want to see him in: Balder the Brave, Thor's annoyingly-handsome best friend and occasional sidekick.

Of course, without confirmation from Branagh or Marvel, we'll have to assume that it's just a rumor. But we can dream, can't we...?