This cool lamp is made the same way those 3D wooden dinosaur models are. You get a set of flat wooden puzzle pieces, notch them together, and presto - from 2D bits you get 3D awesomeness. Plus lasers!

Designer Pedro Mealha created this lamp using a CNC laser cutter to create perfect shapes for the body of the lamp, then added metal bits to create elastic tension - and it looks like ball berings to balance the base. Very understated and very geeky. You can get this lamp, called rhizome, as a DiY set or fully-made.

Design Boom says:

The project emerged from his interest in wooden dinosaur kits and the way in which the various components are pieced together to gain a three-dimensional shape from a flat wooden panel. made from two A3 aeroply boards, rhizome uses an LED ring as a source of light. the lamp was initially intended to be for self-assembly for DIY enthusiasts, however, the project has now evolved into a ready assembled product made from 3mm bamboo ply and is fully extendible and can rotate.

via Design Boom


For comparison! This dinosaur set from RLP Woodware.