Spend all week hunting the spoiler artist? No worries, we've rounded up the best stories of the week. This week, we learned the Vatican's astronomy secrets, picked the best supervillains to rule the world, and contemplated Megan Fox's untimely demise.

Is Science Fiction Feminized Or Is It Sexist? Both.
Is science fiction "feminized"? Do women exist to destroy all that is cool and inspiring about space opera? That's what one blogger argues in a post that's stirred up controversy this week. But is his opinion really the problem?

Concept Art That Will Make You See Steampunk Anew
Yap Kun Rong's incredible "Lord Of Yamamoto" adds some much-needed color to steampunk. It's just one of our collection of concept art images which might make you see steampunk a whole new way. Banish those boring goggles and waistcoasts!

The Vatican's Secret Storehouse Of Space Knowledge Is On Display At Last
The Vatican didn't just torment Gallileo - it also helped further the development of astronomy, with masterpieces like this 18th century Planetarium, created by Martin Benjamin. And now the Vatican's treasures of astronomy are going on display.

Trek DVD Extra: Kirk Apologizes To A Green Woman?
The upcoming Star Trek DVD/Blu-Ray throws in tons of deleted scenes, including Spock's parents, Kirk's uncle, Klingon prison-breaks... and Kirk apologizing to a green woman? Special features explain everything - except the writers' theory of time travel.

Is The Large Hadron Collider Being Sabotaged from the Future?
What if all the Large Hadron Collider's recent woes are more than bad luck and technical problems? Two noted physicists speculate that the future may be pushing back on the LHC to avert the disaster of observing the Higgs boson.

Maurice Sendak To Concerned Parents: Go To Hell!
If you're worried about taking your kids to see Where The Wild Things Are after reports of crying children having to leave screenings of the rough cut, halfway through, then Maurice Sendak has a message for you: "Go to hell."

Top 10 Greatest Space Zombies Of All Time!
Pandorum's space-zombie rampage was a huge letdown, but at least Zombieland reminded us how great zombies can be. Especially in space! Here's our list of the top 10 space zombies of all time.

Michael Bay To Kill Megan Fox?
There's been plenty of drama surrounding Bay's next robot masterpiece, Transformers 3. But the back-and-forth, Megan Fox-versus-the-crew arguments and smack talk seemed to be over. Until rumors broke that Bay was going to kill Fox.

The Strange, Twisted, And Destructive Love Stories of Joss Whedon
Beloved geek television creator Joss Whedon is well known for his propensity for long romantic arcs in his television stories. But Whedon seems to favor a very specific kind of romantic relationship: the complicated, often destructive one.

7 Supervillains We Wouldn't Mind Taking Over The World (And Why)
We watch their so-called "fiendish" schemes being defeated on a regular basis, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether life would be better if the bad guy won? Here're some villains we're rooting for... and why we're doing so.