From the utter adorableness of homemade Dalek dresses, to a brooding Crow on the New York subway, we've got a few standouts from the io9 Halloween Costume show this week. Check out your fellow io9ers' costumes, and post yours too!

All month long we're running the io9 Halloween Costume Show in a Flickr pool. Want to show off this year's duds, or gems from Halloweens past? Show us what you've got! The one rule is that you can only post pictures of yourself - or yourself with friends. Every week we'll be rounding up some standouts, but there are a ton of great costumes that we don't get to feature - so check out the whole set on Flickr!

I utterly love these cute, matching homemade Dalek costumes. This is girl nerdery at its finest. Posted by xfanatic501.

Nick Philippi gives us his best numberless henchman of Monarch impression. Just in time for the new season of Venture Bros!

This is just holy crap weird and awesome. It's a World War II Aviator Gremlin. Created by Kory Bing, who posted more great costumes in the pool too.

Halloween is an emo time, as Crow knows. From Tasayu Tasnaphun.

We have been feeling tragic all week that atomicglassworks never got a picture of herself in this gorgeous "shipwreck" dress. How lovely is this?

Here is atomicglassworks in her She-Ra incarnation.

DynamiteLaserbeams created this costume of Tali'Zorah nar Rayya from Mass Effect. Wow.