Still stumped on a Halloween costume idea? Maybe you can take your cue from these Halloween-loving characters from science fiction and fantasy. Check out what these folks wear to celebrate the season of horror.

Jen and Ted: Vulcanish Characters (Defying Gravity "Fear"): In lieu of Mr. Spock, the crew of Defying Gravity grew up watching a science fiction show featuring Dr. Ra. When Jen finds out Ted is attending the ship's Halloween party as Dr. Ra, she decides she'll dress as the pointy-eared babe from the same show. It's a little desperate, but less uncomfortable than Zoe's pregnant astronaut outfit.

Clark Kent: Zorro (Smallville "Thirst"): Shouldn't it be Bruce Wayne wearing the Zorro outfit? Clark tries on the costume for a sorority Halloween party. He doesn't dig the mask, but finds himself liking the cape.

The Doctor: Harlequin (Doctor Who "Black Orchid"): The Doctor does have a few Halloween encounters — in the audiodrama Invaders from Mars and the more recent novel Forever Autumn. But it's at a non-Halloween fancy dress party that we see him don a costume: a harlequin suit and mask. Unfortunately, someone else has stolen the costume and worn it to commit a murder.

Elisa Maza: Belle (Gargoyles "Eye of the Beholder"): Halloween is the one day a year the Gargoyles can go out among humans, but most of them decide to wear costumes anyway (creating the effect that they're wearing two costumes). Since this is a Disney show, Elisa dresses up as Belle, with an uncostumed Goliath serving as her Beast. In a Halloween issue of the comic, she attends a Halloween party dressed as Princess Jasmine, suggesting she has a mild obsession with the Disney princesses.

Chuck and Morgan: Sandworm (Chuck "Chuck vs. The Sandworm"): After a long hard day of protecting his nation's interests, Chuck indulges his geeky side at his Halloween party. Not only does Sarah show up in a Princess Leia slave bikini, he and Morgan do the worm in their Dune-inspired costume.

Anya: Fluffy Bunny Rabbit (Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Fear, Itself"): Buffy actually had three Halloween episodes, but after the first one — in which everyone took on the identity of the costumes they were wearing — most of the characters were a bit superstitious in their costume choices, venturing to Halloween parties as James Bond or Joan of Arc (although Oz's God costume was appropriately Oz). Anya, however, didn't disappoint with her absurd, all-out rabbit costume. Not scary, you say? Depends on how you feel about rabbits.

Young Ned and Digby: Bedsheet Ghosts (Pushing Daisies "Girth"): When Ned sneaks home to see his father on Halloween, he does the classic bedsheet ghost thing to remain incognito. And Digby, ever the faithful companion, accompanies him in matching attire.

Hank Venture: Batman (The Venture Brothers "Love-Bheits"): While the rest of the Ventures dress as Star Wars characters to enter a Halloween contest, Hank dresses up as "the Bat." In fact, Hank dresses up every Halloween as "the Bat." Hell, if Brock would let him, he'd wear his Batman costume on dates.

Stephen King: Pumpkin Head (Quantum Leap "The Boogieman"): In the strange Halloween episode of Quantum Leap, Sam leaps into the body of horror novelist Joshua Ray. The episode involves Sam battling the Devil (disguised as his holographic companion through time Al), but it also features "Stevie," Ray's young assistant who dresses up as a pumpkin-headed scarecrow for a local spook house — and it's heavily implied that Stevie is, in fact, a young Stephen King.

Wolfram & Hart Client: Human Being (Angel "Life of the Party"): One clever demon attending the annual Wolfram & Hart Halloween party decides to make his human suit out of real humans. What he failed to understand was that the new management (consisting mostly of current and former humans) considers this a bit of a faux-pas.

Sam: The Lucky Pumpkin (Reaper "Leon"): Now, Sam wouldn't actually choose to wear this monstrosity of a costume. It's simply another humiliation that comes with working at Work Bench. And let's face it, it can't even hold a candle to Sock's "Underwear Man" outfit.

Sari: Optimus Prime (Transformers Animated "Along Came a Spider"): Why not spend Halloween dressed as your personal hero? Sari even does a little imitation of Optimus Prime ("I'm Optimus Prime and I'm scared of spiders!"). Does this make her a robot disguised as a human disguised as a robot in disguise?

Gir: Xenomorph (Invader Zim "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom"): Gir spends most of his time on Earth in costume, so it's only right that he gets into the Halloween spirit. Plus, an Alien xenomorph costume is apt since Gir is an alien, albeit a robotic one.

E.T.: Bedsheet Ghost (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial): When's the best time to sneak an alien out of the house? Halloween, when you can throw a sheet over his head and convince your mom that he's your little sister.

Jessica Moore: Sexy Nurse (Supernatural "Pilot"): The Winchester boys aren't exactly fans of Halloween, and Sam didn't do the dressing up thing even before he became a monster hunter. But his girlfriend Jess spends Halloween as a sexy nurse shortly before she dies.

The Tick and Arthur: Each Other (The Tick Big Halloween Special): The Halloween special is actually involves the Tick confronting the man-eating bovine Mad Cow, but it's still nice to see he and Arthur trick-or-treating as each other on the cover.

Various Aliens, Robots, and Superheroes: Themselves: If you don't blend in with humanity the other 364 days of the year, Halloween is a handy time to show your face. ALF got a reprieve from his normal stir-craziness by attaching a zipper to his fur and pretending to be a kid in costume. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have ventured out of the house with costumes, though it quickly became clear then didn't need them after losing them in a fight. In the Farscape episode "Kansas," the Moya conveniently lands on Earth on the holiday, as do Andromus and Centuri in the Galactica 1980 episode "The Night the Cylons Landed." In the The Specacular Spiderman episode "The Uncertainty Principle," Peter Parker and Felcia Hardy show up at a Halloween party wearing their respective spandex — because, why not?