Police in Fort Collins, Colorado are desperately attempting to save a 6-year-old boy who floated away in a 20-foot homemade balloon. Officials are figuring out how to remove the boy, stranded in the sky, without "ripping the balloon to shreds."

The child reportedly crawled into his parent's experimental balloon, untied it, and took off earlier this morning. As of right now the balloon is about 40 miles North of Denver, but the aircraft was built to go higher. It's terrifying and horrible, and our hearts go out to the little boy. Let's hope the authorities figure something out.

Watch it live here.

UPDATE: The National Guard is involved and the balloon has landed, story developing. MSNBC is reporting on the live stream that authorities have not found a body inside the balloon. The child has been identified as Falcon Heene. No one is sure if he has fallen out, or if Falcon was even in the balloon from the beginning. The boy went missing this morning and hasn't been seen. His brother was the one who reported that Falcon was inside the small basket of the balloon.