You would think that there would always be a market for pretty, programmable people, but it appears that even the ultra-rich need to curb their spending in tough times. A pair of leaked memos suggest Dollhouse LA needs new clients.

A "leaked" memo from Adelle DeWitt appeared the other day, telling the Dollhouse sales staff that they need to redouble their efforts. A second appeared earlier today, explaining that the Dollhouse's communications department would be at a Rossum event, one that "offers the company and its research major national exposure."


Other than giving us another look at how the Dollhouse operates, what is the purpose of these memos? They might be part of an alternate reality game, but could we be seeing some of the consequences (and maybe the Dollhouse sales staff) on screen? Or is this all just about creating the sense that the Dollhouse could exist in our universe? After all, Senator Daniel Perrin details his investigations into the Dollhouse on his Twitter feed and his personal website.

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