"This conference is all about pumping you up," Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told Oracle's annual OpenWorld gathering. He went on to list all the ways technology had improved his life, from the substances he used to take as a body-builder, to all the special effects in his movies. Added Arnie:

It's an honor to be in the company of so many brilliant, innovative and entrepreneurial individuals as I came out on stage - I feel my IQ short up 10 points!

I love technology, high tech, bio tech, nano tech, green tech - all of the techs, I just love it. I love it, because I know that some day in the future you will devise technology so we can have a hands-free cell phone - even though my wife doesn't believe in it yet. Can you believe she was caught [driving while talking on her cell phone] last week! I promise the people, I'm going to create action and stop her. This is a no win situation. If I don't create action the voters get upset. If I do create action, and I get upset, then I get no action!


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