Bat Boy may be starring in his own film soon, now that Weekly World News is selling the rights to its front page oddities. Plus Dreamworks is already developing a deal for a Weekly World News TV show.

Previous failed WWN TV show endeavors aside, Hollywood is getting behind the black and white tabloid and its never-ending host of dead sea scrolls and aliens. I can see Dreamworks' plan working out if they go the Monsters Vs. Aliens route, which was a bit similar to WWN. But CEO Neil McGinness sounds like he may have more than just cartoons in mind.

"You're seeing an embrace of the fringe," he said, pointing to such TV hits as "Lost," "Heroes" and "Fringe." "Zombies were big two years ago. Vampires are the rage this year. And we think 2010 will be Bat Boy's year.


We agree, and I desperately want a show about Abe Lincoln being a woman lawyer in a man's world — like Ally McBeal, but in the past. Just look at the possibilities...