A lovelorn reader hits famed sex columnist Dan Savage with an unusual question: if, say, Zac Efron were transformed into the walking dead, would tying him up and using his dead-but-still-kicking body for sex count as necrophilia? More importantly, is it moral?

Savage comes back with a resounding "Ick" and "No:"

As for the morality of the situation, fucking zombies - the walking dead - is necrophilia, technically speaking, but practically speaking, it comes closer to bestiality. A human being who has been zombified is nothing but an animal, hungry for brains, incapable of thought much less consent. We can kill animals for their flesh, but we mustn't fuck them, HIZZIE; and we can kill zombies for wanting our flesh, but likewise we mustn't fuck them.

Plus, as we noted in last year's piece on zombie feminism, the molested dead have a habit of striking back.

Savage Love (NSFW) [Nerve]