In HP Lovecraft's novella "At the Mountains of Madness" an expedition from the fictional Miskatonic University uncovers the unspeakable horrors waiting in Antarctica. One Lovecraft fan is crafting and assembling souvenirs from the ill-fated mission.

The blog Propnomicon is devoted to creating props based on Lovecraft's mythos, and one of its ongoing projects is to assemble the specimens, tools, and field notes that might have come out of the Miskatonic Antarctic expedition. This prop maker is hoping to be as true to the story and geological history as possible (although in consulting experts, he finds the two sometimes conflict), and has included core samples and fossils in his prop set, as well as illustrations of the Elder Things, their city and, the Shoggoths, and paraphernalia from Miskatonic itself.

From the Mountains of Madness [Propnomicon via Make]