Here's the first clown in space, Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte. Can you imagine being stuck in a confined International Space Station with this man? I think I would be sabotaging my own life support after an hour.

Laliberte, a billionaire and the 261st richest person alive, just touched down in Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz rocket, after spending several days aboard the ISS, wearing his trademark red clown nose. While in space, he presided over a 14-city concert event honoring Bono, with participation by former Vice President Al Gore — the event, billed as the first show hosted from space, was designed to raise awareness of clean water issues. (Could the positive environmental effect possibly offset the environmental impact of blasting a clown into space?)


Laliberte will be the last space tourist for a long time, because the Soyuz rockets will be overbooked once the U.S. space shuttle fleet goes out of commission. [AFP]