It was a busy week, what with us blowing up the Moon and all. But never fear — we've got the round up of the best of the week right here, including concept art goodies, Zombieland sequels and cow abductions.

"Paranormal Activity" Is As Scary As Real Life
At the theater where I watched a preview of Paranormal Activity last night, somebody ran out of the auditorium and threw up. It was that scary. And the most terrifying part isn't what's "paranormal" - it's the normal, everyday realism.

io9 Book Club Meeting: Let's Discuss "The Quiet War"
Welcome to the first-ever installment of the io9 Book Club. This month, we've read Paul McAuley's The Quiet War, which I reviewed here, and now it's time to start talking about what you thought of it.

10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead
When you've got amazing technologies or strong magical powers, death doesn't have to have the final word. But is bringing the dead back to life always a good idea?

Does the Pill Really Affect Our Choice of Mate?
A new paper suggests that the hormonal changes that come with oral contraceptives affects which individuals both men and women are attracted to. But does the pill really have that much impact on how we choose our mates?

Utterly Compelling Evidence That A Cow Was Abducted By A UFO
I'm usually suspicious of alien abduction reports. But you have to believe it when somebody says they saw a cow zooming through the sky for a UFO rendezvous. It's just too weird to be fake - as these pictures prove!

Did Stupid Marketing Kill "Jennifer's Body"?
Jennifer's Body may not be an artistic masterpiece, but it's a smart, fun horror movie with a big star. It was a cut above the usual B-grade horror fare.

Forget A Zombieland Sequel: Writers Have 12 Films Planned
Zombieland was supposed to be a TV show on CBS. But when the network ditched the series - the fools! - Zombieland was made into a movie. Leaving tons of material for sequels.

10 Essential Superman Comics To Help You Forget Smallville
Do Smallville and Superman Returns have you convinced that it's impossible to tell good Superman stories? Here're our recommendations for the books that prove otherwise.

Stargate Universe: What Worked, What Didn't
This weekend SGU had its dark, bleak, awesomely star-studded premiere. You sounded off your opinions about the brand new series - now hear ours.From the start, this was a pretty compelling new series.

Madness of Flowers: The City Is...Alive
The brilliant and prolific Jay Lake returns to the City Imperishable, with a Madness of Flowers. This is a decadent, surreal urban fantasy in the New Weird vein. Sex Dwarfs, spoilers, and a Polar Bear await.