Ruairi Robinson's dancing robot concept video is enchanting, and deadly. His film Bad Robot promises, "Soon every house will have a robot helper. Don't worry, your kids are perfectly safe." But the red smiley robot eyes say murder!

Ruairi Robinson is best known as the director tapped to make the Akira film. With that movie still up in the air, rest assured that he's not sitting on his laurels. The comedic film Bad Robot has completely won me over with its Shirley Temple dance.

The company that is behind Robinson's previous short Silent City is working on Bad Robot, so we're not sure if this will be a short or a feature length film. And, no there's no relation to JJ Abrams' production company. Although I'm sure with all this new internet hype, they will start to have a relationship very soon. Until then, check out Robinson's previous post apocalyptic short Silent City, with Cillian Murphy.


[via Quiet Earth]