Can you stand the onslaught of... The Blob? It's rampaging through Auckland, New Zealand, terrorizing the city and horrifying bystanders with its giant veins and gelatinous mass. But don't worry — it's all for a worthy cause.

The remake of 1950s camp-horror classic The Blob is still flash-frozen in development somewhere, but New Zealand is leading the rest of the world in Blob-mania.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the New Zealand cancer foundation has unleashed "bulbous, veiny street art tumors" (as Animal NYC puts it) on the unsuspecting people of Auckland, to make people more aware of breast cancer by blocking sidewalks and wobbling bizarrely unpleasant-looking flesh in their faces. And there's an ad, which shows a tumor growing so large, it bursts out of a house:


Steve McQueen never had to deal with anything like this. [Animal NYC, thanks Mark Copyranter!]