We warned you that Dwayne Johnson's hockey player turned tooth fairy movie was on its way. Now the trailer has arrived and you can watch the Rock sneak into kids' bedrooms, battle cats, and get taunted by Billy Crystal.

In the vein of his recent slew of family comedies, The Tooth Fairy star Johnson as a minor league hockey player known as "The Tooth Fairy" for his habit of knocking out his fellow players' teeth. Being the nasty guy he is, he of course has no inner child, and nearly spills the beans to his young daughter that there's no actual tooth fairy. Turns out he's wrong on the whole tooth fairy issue, and his nasty demeanor has earned himself a week working as a fairy, complete with the wings and home invasion bit.

Julie Andrews, Billy Crystal, and frequent Ricky Gervais collaborator Stephen Merchant all co-star as fellow fairies, but the trailer still looks a bit too much like the mock movie clips from Funny People:


[via /Film]