Spend all week choosing the ideal zombie hideout? Don't fret — we've got your best stories right here. This week gave us bad superhero television, soapy Caprica posters, NSFW robot art, and the summer's most successful movie.

What Was The Most Successful Summer Movie?
With Summer 2009 well and truly behind us, it's worth taking a look back and wondering: What movies were the big hits of the season? The answer may depend on how you define "big hit," but here's our guide.

14 Reasons Why TV And Superheroes Don't Mix
If there's one thing that this week's premieres of Heroes and Smallville collectively proved, it's that television really shouldn't try and tackle superheroes. Here's even more proof why - as well as some rare examples of when it does work.

Is Caprica A Soap Opera? A Sexy Scifi Romp? Posters Can't Decide
Here's your exclusive first look at six draft posters for Caprica, Syfy's Battlestar Galactica prequel series. Syfy has been testing out these posters, to see if people are more excited about the show's soap-opera elements or its weird-science ones.

First Horrific Clip From The Human Butt To Face Centipede Flick
Finally, the terrible moment is here! See the first video look at the Human Centipede, in which a scientist surgically links three humans together. Plus, enjoy a better look at the half-woman/half-snake film Hissss.

The Guy Who Makes All His Friends Dress Up As Broken Robot Dolls [NSFW]
If artist Evan Hayden ever wants to be your friend, think twice. Sure, his robot art is jarring and beautiful, and he lives in a world of dolls gone wrong. But he also covers his friends with metallic body paint.

First Look At Rorschach As Freddy In New Nightmare On Elm St. Trailer
Freddy is back - and looking terribly realistic. There's the creepy claw that pops up when you least expect, it but gone is the peeled Robert Englund brow, replaced with Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen's Rorschach) sporting an all-too-real burn-ward look.

5 Heroes Whose Powers Will Kill Them
Heroes' Hiro Nakamura isn't the only character to find that their superpowers may ultimately be responsible for their death. Here are five more fictional characters for whom the superhero dream comes at a potentially fatal price.

First Bloody Details From Rodriguez's Predators Give Us Hope
More details of Robert Rodriguez's Predator reboot have emerged, including Danny Trejo's bad ass character, a supreme alien species, and a bloody human-versus-alien rumble in the jungle that would make even Arnold proud. Meet team humans - spoilers ahead.

The Grand Unified Theory of Superman's Powers
Superman is one of those superheroes who has a whole constellation of abilities rather than a discrete superpower. But one fan theory suggests that all these abilities - from superstrength to heat vision - stem from a single superpower.

The One "Wild Things" Change That Bothered Maurice Sendak
When Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers set about adapting Where The Wild Things Are into a movie, Maurice Sendak encouraged them to take a free hand and change stuff. But Eggers and Jonze tell us one change made Sendak nervous.

Ming-Na On Being The First Lesbian To Step Out Of The Stargate
Ming-Na's Stargate Universe character isn't just stepping through a portal into another galaxy, she's coming out of the closet. She tells us about playing Stargate's first openly gay character, and how this show is about to get a lot sexier.