Here's your exclusive first look at six draft posters for Caprica, Syfy's Battlestar Galactica prequel series. Syfy has been testing out these posters, to see if people are more excited about the show's soap-opera elements or its weird-science ones.

A tipster (who fit into a key demographic that Syfy is looking for) took part in a survey in which he/she was asked about Syfy's programming — and because he/she expressed a lack of interest in paranormal reality shows, the questioning shifted onto Caprica, Syfy's big show premiering in 2010. The survey showed our source these six posters, and tried to suss out which of the posters resonated the most positively.

We asked Syfy about these posters, and a spokesperson said, "We routinely and confidentially research numerous concepts which are not limited to the images you have inquired about."


So you have the two sexy posters featuring Zoe looking mysterous and sultry, not to mention naked... it doesn't scream "cybernetically resurrected girl," but it does seem intriguing at least. And the "one million consequences" thing is curious.

And then there's the "huddled naked figure" poster, which has an adult (I think) in a fetal position — suggesting cloning or something else. For some reason, this poster is the most "science fictional" looking to me.

The other three posters seem much more "soap opera" or "thriller" oriented to me, with the emphasis on "two families." The ones with the heads of Joseph Adama and Daniel Graystone, and all the weird writing going between them, looks more thriller-ish, whereas the others seem more soap-operatic. And then there's that weird floaty apple, symbolizing forbidden knowledge.


All in all, there seems to be a dichotomy between "sexy/mysterious science" and "drama about scowling men."