This week, Lost's viral marketing campaign behind went too far. In Texas, they revealed their latest limited-edition poster at a rock concert, complete with a dubious Driveshaft homage.

Those following the latest Lost viral attention-grab were directed to follow the Twitter feed @PacesOilChange this week for info about a Fall Out Boy concert deep in the heart of Texas. The kicker? FOB wasn't even the main attraction; they were just opening for Blink-182. At the show, the band dedicated their vowel-challenged hit song "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" to a lost-but-not-forgotten band from Manchester:

As if this less-then-stirring and totally unconvincing tribute wasn't enough, lead singer Pete Wentz sported a Dharma bass guitar, and FOB drummer Hurley (yes, the FOB drummer's name is actually Hurley) sat behind a Dharma drum kit.


The instruments all had the URL written on them, the latest incarnation of DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear, which leads the faithful to an unveiling of a new limited-edition poster of the four-toed statue. The poster is the sixth in a series of sixteen, so we can expect ten more marketing ploys from Lost in the coming months.

You can catch up on the past promotional stunts here at The Hub. What do you think of this latest stunt? I have to admit, FOB does have a certain band-you-love-to-hate similarity to Driveshaft: