Not only is the Spider-Man musical Turn Out The Dark back on track, but if what musical Green Goblin Alan Cumming is saying is true, we're even more worried about it than before.

Talking to the LA Times, Cumming said that he expects the musical to open on or around the original date of February 18th next year ("I think they're being very cautious in announcing things," he apparently said), adding that the show may not be exactly what you'd expect from the people involved:

I love the book for the musical — the structure is fascinating; you see how it's all going to work. And I love the songs. You think of Bono and Edge as arena-style rockers, but the songs for 'Spider-Man' are quite dignified. Quite operatic, actually.


As if current worries about the production weren't enough, the idea of Bono and the Edge writing opera makes us worry that this production may make Rock Reflections Of A Superhero seem subtle and understated by comparison.

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