The remake of aliens-bearing-gifts show V aired an epic trailer last night during FlashForward. But now the show, which was already on a production hiatus, has had its shutdown extended according to one fansite. Is the alien invasion failing?

When the hiatus was originally announced, back in August, it was just a couple of weeks, and Warner Bros. execs said it was designed to take advantage of the leeway from the show's already-announced Nov. 3 premiere date to "maximize creative difficulties."


Later, EW's Michael Ausiello reported that the real problem was that Warner Bros. and ABC weren't happy with the scripts that showrunner Jeff Bell was turning in. (Bell was showrunner on the final, best season of Angel, so we were excited to see him working on this show.) Said Ausiello, Bell was being bumped to the "number 2 spot" and show re-creator Scott Peters (The 4400) was becoming showrunner.


But now Visitorsite, which covers V as part of the Kryptonsite network of TV show-specific sites, says the hiatus is being extended. Or there's a second hiatus, it's not clear which. The show was supposed to resume shooting last week, after its earlier hiatus ended - but nobody seems to know if that actually happened. (We wrote to Warner Bros. seeking comment, and they haven't gotten back to us.) And now a Vancouver production chart site lists V as on hiatus from Sept. 25 to Oct. 14.

So if the show did resume production last week, it was only for a brief while. Or if it didn't, then its hiatus is extending from late August through to mid-October. Not a good sign for a show that's supposed to be one of ABC's flagships.

We were definitely getting the sense from odd comments here and there that ABC execs had turned lukewarm about having a show that's so overtly science-fictional — as opposed to its new show FlashForward, whose stars keep insisting it's not science fiction, even though it clearly is.


Here, for the record, is my theory about why science fiction seems to be doing better in movies than on television.