Too busy jacking in to your robot body? Never fear - here's the weekly recap which includes a shark relative who's a real dickhead, the best part of the Emmys and the Nigerians' reaction to District 9.

New Species Of Sharks Discovered Sporting Forehead Genitalia
A new species related to the shark has been discovered in Southern California. Not only does this bad boy have a venomous spine and retractable sexual appendages on the forehead, but it's got one bad ass name: meet Ghostshark.

The Nic Cage/Tim Burton Superman That Never Was
A long time ago, Nicolas Cage started a fan war when he was selected to play Tim Burton's Superman in the final adventure of the Man Of Steel. Now test pictures have leaked of the actor in the blue suit.

The Most Expensive Movies Of The Past Decade
The 2009 summer movie season ended, with a record-breaking box office. But 2009 will also go down as the year with the most movies that cost $200 million or more.

When The Concept Art Is Better Than The Actual Movie
It's almost painful to look through Transformers 2's beautiful concept art wondering, what happened? Similar to the red wandering eyes of the robotic Doctor, we too look for answers.

Nigeria Bans District 9, Demands Apology
Is District 9 racist against Nigerians? The Nigerian government clearly believe so - They've stepped in to ask cinemas to stop screening the movie and are demanding an apology from Sony Pictures for the movie's "unwarranted attack" on the country.

Dr. Horrible's Emmy Announcement: Television Is Dead, Long Live Musical Blogs!
We waited and waited for Neil Patrick Harris' big evil cameo on tonight's Emmy Award shows. But we didn't expect the entire cast from Joss Whedon's musical to pop in as well -

10 Best Robot Bodies To Load Your Brain Into
You can't be beautiful and immortal until you abandon your meatsack! Surrogates, opening Friday, shows a culture that's gone over to robot avatars. But here are ten other universes where you could abandon your flesh for a shiny, perfect robo-body.

Meet the Bounty Hunters of the Clone Wars
The coming season of Clone Wars will feature not only the battle between Clone Troopers and battle drones, but a colorful new crew of characters: the galaxy's deadliest bounty hunters. Check out concept art of these hunters for hire.

How To Get Your Future Robot Self High
We asked Surrogates director Jonathan Mostow all the really important stuff about our robot-filled future. Such as: how do we go to the bathroom while attached to a robot? And what kind of drugs are there for my robot half?

Dennis Quaid On Pandorum, And The Other Enemy Mine
Dennis Quaid has starred in many of our favorite science fiction movies, so we're excited that he's back in deep space with the horror movie Pandorum. He told us about Pandorum's disorientation... and the Enemy Mine you never saw. Spoilers!

Top image from Head Injury Theater - inspired by the new species of snorks, and proof that you can find anything on the internet.