Cage Supes

Movie Pitch: An alien ex-con can't have kids, due to his super seed, so he steals babies from around the world. But boy is this superhero unprepared to turn the Fortress of Solitude into a nursery.

Movie Pitch: Put a spin on the Supes story who needs blue when you can go all red.

Movie Pitch: Superman comes back from the dead, and looks like that. Wouldn't he though?

Movie Pitch: Cool guy Superman acts like he doesn't care, but deep down he's hurting too. One morning he wakes up and finds he's no longer a slick wheeling hero but an average Joe stuck in the burbs. How many lives must Superman sacrifice to get his powers back?

Movie Pitch: Cyborg Nic Cage Superman was built to take down original Superman, but after he kills the wrong hero, Batman, he takes pity on the hero's orphaned kid and adopts her as his daughter. She becomes his little good guy killing sidekick. Alls well until cyborg Superman Nic Cage learns that his mission to kill Superman might not be the best life for him and his "new daughter". Spoiler alert, it's all a set up. Cameo by Sam Rockwell as Batman.

Movie Pitch: Nic Cage as Superboy Prime, let's just leave it at that.

Movie Pitch: Superman thinks he's a vampire. But is he really a vampire or just bonkers. His downward spiral towards insanity continues until he eventually murders Lois with a set of fake teeth.