Rumors have swirled around the American remake of Let the Right One In, from alleged title changes to Philip Seymour Hoffman joining the cast. But the film may have its vampiric leading lady in Kick-Ass actress Chloe Moretz.

/Film reported that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Chloe Moretz were both listed as cast members on the New York Times movie page for Let Me In, the remake of the original Swedish film, leading to speculation that Hoffman would be playing Let Me In's counterpart to Hakan, the adult man who watches after and hunts for the vampire child Eli (who will named Abby in the remake).


Overture Films has since denied Hoffman's involvement, but did not comment on whether Moretz, who recently wrapped filming as the gun-toting pixie Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, will, in fact, play Abby. But Moretz has been one of the frontrunners for Abby (we posted her audition, as well as those of two other young actresses), and her mother has announced that a she has just signed a big role, soon to be revealed, leading credence to this particular rumor.

Another strange tidbit from the New York Times page is the alternate titles listed for the film. In addition to Let Me In, the oft-cited remake title, Fish Head is listed as an alternate title, for reasons no one seems able to determine.


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