Star Wars Cupcakes

Star Wars spread by Kenna's Cupcake Company

Leia by Kenna's Cupcake Company

R2-D2 by Kenna's Cupcake Company

Death Star cake with cupcakes by cakelava

TIE Fighter cupcakes by captainchipmunk

R2-D2 by Sarah Parks

Hasbro Muggs-inspired cupcakes by dorispepsi

Illustrated cupcakes by andi butler

Gluten-free cupcakes at the Celiac Husband

Helmets, ships, and droids by gelcolet

Buttercream and fondant Yodas by Penny727

Birthday cupcakes from Once Upon a Cupcake

Clonetrooper cupcake army by Jennifer Desrochers

Clones vs. Boba Fett by Sweet Flair

AT-AT wedding cake with Ewok cupcakes by jwinokur

Stormtrooper cupcake by abbietabbie

Family Guy Star Wars by Lil' Missy Cupcake

TIE Fighters by pepperjonyc

Deathcakes and Oreo Leia buns by potluckcrafters

Sugar Yodas by dayltfades

Icing on the Star Wars by thisisclaudia

Icing R2-D2 by thisisclaudia