It's almost painful to look through Transformers 2's beautiful concept art wondering, what happened? Similar to the red wandering eyes of the robotic Doctor, we too look for answers. And was Brendan Gleeson really the inspiration for the cement transformer?

First up, this new concept art from Ben Proctor's work on Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, is utterly beautiful. There's no doubt about that. So when did the writers, director of producers just decide, "You know what? Let's go to Egypt, and to hell with plots — we'll have these King people just make a coffin house out of their bodies, that works right?"

It's almost a shame how beautiful some of the concept art is, because we never really got to appreciate the finished product with everything moving so fast and Shia going to robot heaven and all.

But even more interesting is this concept design of the Cement Mixer, with Brendan Gleeson's face next to it? Um....why? I love that they picked a totally random actor to inspire this also totally random transformer. I wish they had done it with all the bots, it could have made them stand out more while on screen.