Michael Rosenbaum reportedly won't come back to Smallville because he's sick of shaving his head. But when we caught up with Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) at Comic Con, she had a few suggestions: wear a bald cap! Wear a turban!

As with a few other videos we ran lately, we talked to Freeman on the red carpet at the SyFy/Entertainment Weekly party at Comic Con, where we did literally 35 interviews in a couple hours. Freeman gave us some great hints for the ninth season of Smallville, which starts tonight.

So if Lex does come back, Freeman isn't sure if they'd have a love connection or a brother-sister bond... but most likely, she thinks they'd fight it out. And as for Ollie, her relationship with him will keep on being back and forth... Ollie will rekindle some feelings for Lois Lane. But Ollie's connection with Tess is still there. And she is going to play a little "match of the minds" with Zod (Callum Blue). But sadly, she doesn't get to have any scenes with Brian Austin Green, who plays Metallo.


But the biggest question is — who will Tess find romance with? Ollie? Lex? Or maybe Lois, Freeman suggests. Yes — we endorse that last idea. Let Clark pout from the sidelines: We'll be Lois/Tess shippers.