This is Star Wars concept designer Ralph McQuarrie's vision of city planet Coruscant's entertainment district - where some of the new live-action Star Wars TV series will take place. Check out Coruscant's gorgeous and seamy sides in our gallery.

We've gathered together the best of screen grabs and fan art to bring you the many faces of Coruscant. Sadly there's nothing here about Ziro the Hutt and his sissymon nightclub.

This is Ralph McQuarrie's vision of Coruscant's entertainment district.

The streets of Coruscant, by McQuarrie

A mashup of a still from the Star Wars films.

A Coruscant-esque megacity view, via Djohaal

Panorama of Coruscant.

A view from offworld via Felipegm

The surface of Coruscant, via Witch King

Coruscant's Senate District, from the films.

Frank McQuarrie's doors to the Imperial Palace.

The classic mushroom-shaped Galactic Senate building that you see in Revenge of the Sith.

Classic view from space.

Of course there should be a Grand Theft Auto set on Coruscant. By Yavinfour.

Through the clouds in the upper atmosphere, by SithJammies.

Ralph McQuarrie, the original concept designer for the first Star Wars posters and strong influence over the look and feel of Star Wars, shows us his view of Coruscant.

The Works, an industrial area on Coruscant.

An impressionist take on Coruscant, by Adimono.

This is a picture of Mexico City that the photographer said (rightly) reminded him of Coruscant. via Frandigar.

The sacking of Coruscant.

The Jedi Temple on Coruscant, seen in the films.

Coruscant space port, from The Old Republic.

Coruscant dock, from The Old Republic.

Coruscant's main taxi stand, for cross-planet transport. From The Old Republic.