Andrew Niccol, the writer and director behind Gattaca, returns to dystopia with The Cross, his new thriller starring Orlando Bloom. Early concept images reveal a darker, more futuristic urban dystopia than we saw in Gattaca.

Niccol, was also responsible for S1m0ne and The Truman Show, is writing and directing The Cross, which features Orlando Bloom, Vincent Cassel, John Goodman and Olga Kurylenko as residents of a grim, future city from which they cannot escape:

Mylar (Bloom) and his younger brother Castro come to a town to cross the border in search of a better life. The two travelers, full of hope, all too quickly realize that their journey leads them to an inescapable world full of doom. The enigmatic border is strictly enforced under the command of a guard, Guideon, who prohibits anyone from ever leaving. Castro doesn't make it alive past two weeks, but Mylar defies all odds and becomes the first to successfully cross the border. And he also becomes the first to come back… all for the love of a woman, Vera. Mylar must now devise a plan not only to set himself free, but all of his fellow citizens as well. But perhaps crossing the border is not the answer. Perhaps the key lies in altering the border and whatever it may represent…

You can check out more concept images by artist Jean-Vincent Puzos at Quiet Earth.